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Covering your tracks

You & Co delivers school workshops for Anti-Bullying Week 2015

18 November 2015

You & Co workers across the UK are taking part in this year's Anti-Bullying Week (16–20 November) by holding anti-bullying workshops in schools and colleges.

Aaron James tells us about the great response he received on the first day of a week-long programme of workshops he is delivering at one London school.

'In this first workshop we looked at lots of different issues and scenarios to do with bullying, and there was some exciting debate with everyone getting very involved and expressing strong opinions.

We looked at some common misconceptions about bullying, such as the idea that leaving people out is not bullying. We also thought about different things that people can do if they are being bullied.

Whenever I asked a question or wanted a volunteer, at least half the class raised their hands to answer or put themselves forward.

Some young people even hinted that they themselves were being bullied, and I made it clear that everyone was free to come and talk to me about any issues at a drop-in session later in the week.

 I felt the day was a success and I enjoyed it a lot. Some of the teachers told me they had learned new things from the workshop and were surprised to see their class so engaged and focused on the subject.

I’m excited for day two tomorrow!'

Find out what you can do if you are being bullied, whether it is happening face to face or you are experiencing online bullying, or both. There are many different types of bullying, and it can make you feel worried, sad, angry or lonely - especially if you feel like you're trying to deal with it all on your own. 

If you'd like to help other children and young people who are experiencing bullying, why not get involved with You & Co? You can work in your school as a peer mentor or join our National Youth Forum to share your ideas about what You & Co should do to help victims.